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April 2024

Standing : Esther Byrne, Sheenagh Raggett, Jayne Tennyson, Paula O'Dwyer, Diana Prieto, Catherine Whelan

Seated : Michael Raggett, Maria Clancy, David Shee

Directed by Esther Byrne

Cast & Director - The Seafarer

The Seafarer

November 2023

Standing : Walter Dunphy, Colm Power, Barry Comerford

Seated : Liam Butler, Liam Wells, Neill Bourke

Directed by Colm Power

Cast & Director.jpg

The Tinker's Wedding

June 2023

Standing : Barry Comerford, Kate de Barra

Seated : Kyle Walsh, Paula O'Dwyer, Dennis Barry

Directed by Barry Comerford

Love in the Title

Love in the Title

April 2023

Standing : Suzanne Shine, Maria Clancy, Aileen O'Keeffe

Seated : Jayne Tennyson

Directed by Maria Clancy


The Snug

June 2022

Standing : Maria Clancy, Rose Anne Glascott, Peter McGrath, Walter Dunphy, Peg Power, Conn Enright

Seated : Paula O'Dwyer, Esther Byrne, Sheenagh Raggett, Mary O'Hanlon

Directed by Peg Power & Rose Anne Glascott

Cast & Crew.jpg

Present Laughter

April / May 2022

Back Row: Rory Walsh, Alban Glascott, Victoria Elliott


Middle Row : Paula O'Dwyer, David Shee, Catherine Whelan, Suzanne Shine, Colm Power, Edmond Ryan, Aileen O'Keeffe, Jacquie Ahern, Mary Finucane

Seated : Barry Comerford, Catherine McVicker, Paul Sheehan, Maria Clancy

Directed by Suzanne Shine

Cast Photo Colour.jpg


December 2021

Standing : Maria Clancy, Fiona Hennessy, Caoimhe O'Shea, Sandra Power, Sheenagh Raggett

Seated : Mary McGrath, Jacquie Ahern, Paula O'Dwyer

Directed by Tom Nealon & Barry Comerford

Lovers_ Losers

Lovers: Losers

August 2021

Standing : Suzanne Shine, Maria Clancy

Seated : Esther Byrne, Sandra Power, Neill Bourke

Directed by Suzanne Shine


November 2019

Standing : Neill Bourke, Barry Comerford, Mary Finucane, Alban Glascott, Maria Clancy, Ann Mansell, Angelina Laiso, David Shee, Eamon Faulkner, John Denby

Seated : Suzanne Dunne, Jacquie Ahern Slater, Rose Anne Glascott

Directed by Rose Anne Glascott

After Hours

May / June 2019

Neill Bourke, Tom Nealon, Dennis Barry, Fiona Hennessy, Michael Raggett, Suzanne Dunne, David Shee

Directed by Suzanne Dunne

It's the Real McCoy

April / May 2019

Standing : PJ Slater, Ann Mansell, Eugene O'Keeffe, Mary Finucane, Walter Dunphy, Neill Bourke, Alban Glascott, Colm Power, Angelina Laiso

Seated : Paula O'Dwyer, Maria Clancy, Suzanne Dunne, Emma O'Leary

Directed by Colm Power

The Gigli Concert

November 2018

Standing : Tom Nealon, Ann Mansell, Angelina Laiso, Barry Comerford, Eamon Faulkner, Mary Finucane

Seated : Suzanne Dunne, Colm Power

Directed by Tom Nealon

The Snug

June 2018

Standing : Maria Clancy, Walter Dunphy, Colm Power, Jack Ryan, Peg Power

Seated : Paula O'Dwyer, Esther Byrne, Sheenagh Raggett, Luke Raggett, Mary O'Hanlon

Directed by Peg Power

The Mai

April 2018

Standing : Ciarán Coady, Mary Finucane, Tom Nealon, Ann Mansell, Suzanne Dunne, Eugene O'Keeffe, Bríd Flood, Margaret O'Brien, Jacquie Slater, Angelina Laiso

Seated : Rose Anne Glascott, Esther Byrne, Maria Clancy, Mary McGrath

Directed by Tom Nealon

Blithe Spirit

November 2017

Standing : Eamon Faulkner, Heather Comerford, Eugene O'Keeffe, Ann Mansell, Suzanne Dunne, Angelina Laiso, Neill Bourke, Bríd Flood, Barry Comerford, Sheenagh Raggett, Ciarán Coady, Mary Finucane

Seated : Maria Clancy, Patricia Harte, Sandra Power

Directed by Barry Comerford

The Yank Outsider

June 2017

Standing : Maria Clancy, Neill Bourke, Walter Dunphy, Sandra Power

Seated : Catherine Whelan, Sheenagh Raggett, Bríd Flood

Directed by Sandra Power

The House of Bernarda Alba

March / April 2017

Standing : Pat Quinn Bolger, Paula O'Dwyer, Ann Mansell, Mary Finucane, Claire Bolger, Helen Hahessy, Una O'Keeffe, Angelina Laiso, Eileen Norris, Ciarán Coady, Colm Power

Seated : Niamh Power, Margaret St. John, Bríd Flood, Maria Clancy, Catherine Whelan, Jenny Hogan, Mary O'Hanlon, Michelle Power, Katie & Laura Bolger

Directed by Colm Power

Drama at Inish

November 2016

Standing : John Denby, Ann Mansell, Mary Finucane, Kevin Power, Colm Power, Neill Bourke, Sheenagh Raggett, Caolán Deehy-Power, Cathal Phelan, Rose Anne Glascott, Ciarán Coady, P.J. Slater, Angelina Laiso, Oisín O'Keeffe

Seated : Catherine Whelan, Margaret St. John, Bríd Flood, Maria Clancy, Eugene O'Keeffe, Anne Hickey

Directed by Rose Anne Glascott

The Moon Shines on Kylenamoe

June 2016

Standing : Maria Clancy, Tom Nealon, Angelina Laiso, Walter Dunphy, Barry Comerford, Alban Glascott, Fiona Hennessy, Mary Finucane, James Dowley, Catherine Whelan, Colm Power, Ann Mansell, Peter McGrath, John Denby

Seated : Paula O'Dwyer, Bríd Flood

Directed by Maria Clancy

Cash on Delivery

April 2016

Standing : Eamon Faulkner, Jane O'Driscoll, Ann Mansell, Amy Cullinane, Angelina Laiso, Paula O'Dwyer, Denis Comerford, Alban Glascott, Neil MacLean, Maria Clancy, Walter Dunphy, Breda McCarthy, Mary Finucane, Colm Power, John Denby


Seated : Peter McGrath, Patricia Harte, Bríd Flood, Neill Bourke


Directed by Colm Power

The Weir

November 2015

John Denby, Tom Nealon, Breda McCarthy, Fiona Hennessy, Eamon Faulkner, Eugene O'Keeffe, Barry Comerford, Ann Mansell, Walter Dunphy, Angelina Laiso, Alban Glascott, Mary Finucane, Colm Power


Directed by Barry Comerford

In Search of Valour

May 2015

Standing : Mary Marron, Alban Glascott, Deckie Robinson, Ann Mansell, Angelina Laiso, Mary McGrath, Rose Anne Glascott, Jim English

Seated : Bríd Flood, Veronica Sweeney


Directed by Rose Anne Glascott

The Cripple of Inishmaan

March 2015

Standing: Colm Power, Eugene O'Keeffe, Nathan Sandison, Peter McGrath, Walter Dunphy


Seated: Aileen O'Shea, Eileen Kennedy, Suzanne Dunne, Peg Power


Directed by Tom Nealon

The Freedom of the City

November 2014

Neill Burke, Pat Quinn Bolger, Nathan Sandison, Dennis Barry, Walter Dunphy, Neil MacLean, Colm Power, Eoin O'Reilly, Evin Power, Catherine Whelan, Gerry Fitzgerald, Kevin Power, Brian Coady, Margaret StJohn, Eugene O'Keeffe, Peter McGrath, Tom Nealon


Directed by Colm Power

Bedtime Story

June 2014

Barry Comerford, Aileen O'Shea, Peter McGrath, Paula O'Dwyer, Walter Dunphy, Michael Power


Directed by Tom Nealon

Same Old Moon

March 2014

Standing : Catherine Whelan, Eileen Kennedy, Walter Dunphy, Peter McGrath, Rose Anne Glascott, Tom Nealon, Dennis Barry, Declan Robinson, Veronica Sweeney, Jennifer Vermeer.


Seated: Mary McGrath, Eugene O'Keeffe, Sheenagh Raggett, Maria Clancy, Paula O'Dwyer, Aileen O'Shea


Directed by Rose Anne Glascott

The Glass Menagerie

November 2013

Dermot Keyes, Sandra Power, Maria Clancy, Colm Power


Directed by Peg Power

The Pot of Broth

June 2013

Paula O'Dwyer, Walter Dunphy, Jim English/Tom Nealon


Directed by Rose Anne Glascott

Night Must Fall

April / May 2013

Standing : Dennis Barry, Jenny Hogan, Eugene O'Keeffe, Tom Nealon, Angelina Laiso, Dermot Keyes, Ann Mansell, Sarah Dunne, Walter Dunphy, John Denby


Seated : Pat Quinn Bolger, Bernadette Comerford, Alva Fitzsimons, Maeve Keane


Directed by Tom Nealon

The Odd Couple

November 2012

Gerry Fitzgerald, Veronica Sweeney, Michael Power, Walter Dunphy, Barry Comerford, Liam Bulter, Colm Power, Vivienne Coughlan, Julie Anne Denby


Directed by Liam Butler

Tons of Money

March 2012

Colm Power, Claire O Regan, Wattie Dunphy, Maria Clancy, Denis Barry, Neil MacLean, Brian Coady, Dean Sullivan, Vivienne Coughlan, Clare Smith


Directed by Tom Nealon

Riverside Drive

A Streetcar Named Desire

Lonesome West


The Plough and the Stars

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It was a wonderful night of theatre to attend the last night of an extended run (by popular demand) of Carrick on Suir's Brewery Lane Theatre's production of McDonagh's 'black' comedy, The Cripple of Inishmaan. was a heartening  experience to be in Brewery Lane to be part of the bread and butter, biscuits and tea at the interval, where the local Credit Union was the support for the thousands required annually for insurance and heating costs. When the high-powered panel from Europe come to the South East region, someone should bring them to Carrick to understand community culture and pride.

Liam Murphy, The Munster Express (April 2015)



"(Brewery Lane) a company rich indeed in class and the very fabric and stuff of theatre."

Liam Murphy, The Munster Express (2008)

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